We walk around like we own the place.

Everyone who visits our facilities says the same thing: Your employee culture is unlike anything we have ever seen. Our culture is characterized by three principles: open-book management, employee ownership and team-oriented competition – and they’re all rooted in one mentality: business gamification.


Business Gamification

Have you ever noticed that business is a lot like sports? It’s competitive. There are goals, rules, ways of keeping score, winners and losers and all of the elements of luck and talent. We use gamification to make business seem more approachable for our associates – the players. As employee owners, they should be able to know how to build a great company – not just great products, and understanding the business doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s not an art or science.

We call this leadership model The Great Game of Business. It’s the root of how we build products, work in teams, and track how we’re doing as a business compared to our competition. And when we outperform the competition, we celebrated and are rewarded as a team. This business model has become a movement that has touched the lives of millions across the world and continues to grow.

open-book management

At SRC, we close the gap between managers and employees. Every associates has a voice in how the company is run, and each SRC division holds regular, company-wide Huddles to discuss financial forecasting and progress. We believe in transparency. That's just how we do business.

employee ownership

We believe the best recipe for success is achieved through employee ownership and understanding the goals and financials of our operations. All of our associates participate in financial literacy training so they understand how to track, measure and improve performance. After all, our associates are the ones who have a stake in the outcome of the company.

team oriented competition

We're all in this together. Holding a stake in the outcome means we win, or lose, as a team. Our associates take action to make sure we win by competing as divisions in meeting company goals. Each division also regularly implements MiniGames™ to help meet their goals.


DON’T BELIEVE US? Just see for yourself:


The best, most efficient, most profitable way to operate a business is to give everybody in the company a voice in saying how the company is run and a stake in the financial outcome, good or bad.
— Jack Stack, Founder & CEO